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i know i’m hella late..sorry..but these are my photo op pics from VanCon this year!

let’s start with Misha’s:
Izzy and I were beyond excited. ugh. it was awesome. and then we see him and then it’s like, “holy shit…we’ve already met you twice but you still have this ability to take our breaths away”
the funny thing is that he remembered us from the GISHWHES meetup in Bellingham. (in every picture you see of him flying that rainbow dragon kite…yeah…that’s Izzy’s kite and she let him keep it) ”I love it! I’ve been putting it to good use!” was what he said when he remembered us!

and now J2’s:
holy fuck…i was scared because i was by myself and i was about to meet them and see them in person for the first time. omfg.
so i walk up and Jared is the first one to greet me. i went in for the hug, but at the same time, he went for the handshake. so then i went for the handshake and he went for the hug (awkward..but i hear Jensen laugh at us) so i go, “what are we doing?” he laughs and goes “hug!” and hugs me. (ahh)
i walk up to Jensen and hug him and he is so muscular..holy shit..and he was like, “what do you wanna do?” i asked if we could do a sandwich and he was like, “totally!” and then all i remember from the 2 seconds it took to take that picture was me hugging Jensen and then i have Jared pressed up against my back. i’m surprised my face looks somewhat decent because i was losing my fucking mind.
after we take the picture, they thank me and Jared goes on to greet the next person. i stop and grab Jensen’s arm before he could leave and i was like, “i know this means nothing coming from me because i am literally nobody…”
he cuts me off and is like, “don’t say that”
i smile because he’s flustering me and i had a difficult time telling him what i wanted to say but then i spit out, “i just wanted to say that you’re amazing at everything you do…”
but then the ushers kind of wedged themselves between me and Jensen and were like, “thank you!”
and as i go to walk away, Jensen grabs my arm and pulls me back like, “wait!”
the ushers kind of huff at him but he was like, “hold on”
he looks at me in the eyes, like he gets really close to my face and is like, “you’re not nobody. don’t ever dismiss yourself. you saying that means the world to me. thank you so much. i really mean it.” and he smiles and hugs me really tight and i walked out fucking shaking because holy shit man.

but yeah..that’s my story..if you actually read it, thank you<33

This made me cry. This is awesome

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I thought they put big stencils down and spray painted over them! This blows my mind!

I thought they were about to do something funny.

my man is a GOD with the rollerbrush

These men are my heroes

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Do you feel it?

I love this. I will forever love this

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Oh my god best episode ever. I&#8217;m not saying anything but go watch it. I cannot stress this enough. I am happy crying

Oh my god best episode ever. I’m not saying anything but go watch it. I cannot stress this enough. I am happy crying

I&#8217;m pretty sure this picture wins the internet

I’m pretty sure this picture wins the internet

I think I might have a thing for tall scruffy men with awesome dark hair…

“School is like an episode of Supernatural: you just gotta get through it with as little emotional damage as possible”

Jake Dudman (x)

I feel he speaks the truth

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This relates to me on a personal level

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Look at Moffats face top right. Its like are you freakin kidding me. Hes just so done with him I can’t stop laughing

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